6 Types Of Training For Small Business Owners

Your whole life, you have been attending all different kinds of trainings. As a child you were taught various activities to develop your skills. Potty training, practicing to eat on your own, word pronunciation, and walking were all part of your daily routine. In grade school, you were attending piano lessons. During high school you tried volleyball training. College came and you started your on job training. And you thought you were done? No, cause when you started employment, you still go through conferences and talks.

Trainings are essential part of your growth as it builds your character and brings you to a higher level of knowledge or abilities. It is intended to refine your potential and abilities that will help you work on personal development and your weak areas. The purpose of these activities is to allow your skills to become a habit; to be part of your life naturally like a muscle memory or an instinct. Furthermore, it implants seeds that slowly disciplines your mind and body until it becomes a part of who you are as a person. In a nutshell, training process is a form of mastery for you to acquire new talent or hone existing ones. In the long run, it becomes the foundation of who you are as it affects your life decisions, movements, preferences, and interests.

Engaging to different kinds of trainings strengthen your both mind and body condition; it allows you to go above and beyond your limits. A kind of process that gives you leverage from the rest as you gain more information, skills, and talent that will come in handy in your daily life.

 It is highly encouraged for everyone to take any sort of training that promotes self-development. There is no restriction such as age limit or gender preference if you want to take part in such activities. It will never be limited for youngsters alone because even the greatest leaders in the world has attended and attends training every now and then. These powerful people know the value of training. They take away significant learnings from these exercises that bring them endless possibilities that may become beneficial to themselves and to the people around them. It does not only provide you with knowledge but also techniques on how you can properly put in to motion ideas or tasks.

Professionals like the entrepreneurs also take part in a lot of trainings because it is an opportunity for them. It allows you to accelerate your business development, elevate your proficiency in business handling, and at the same time enhance your intrapersonal skills. There are multiple forms of trainings dedicated for entrepreneurs. It could be an online class, a seminar, a bootcamp and the list goes on. Each training has a specific intention and set of goals that is intended for every type of audience or entrepreneur for this matter. Since trainings influence how you function, it also increases your performance. Know 8 smart ways being an entrepreneur can increase your productivity.

For this article, let us talk about beneficial trainings for small businesses.

We have gathered a list of trainings that you can engage in to help you boost your business, better manage your operations, and polish both of your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Check them out below.

1.       Compliance training – Every business owner whether of a large or small company must engage with this activity especially if you have employees working for you. It predominantly talks about laws and regulations in operating a business. This is to ensure that your staff knows their functions and duties as an employee and at the same time, allow them to properly abide by the national and organizational rules. It also informs them how to handle and protect themselves from any form of discrimination, violence, harassment in the work place or any happenings that can jeopardize their employment. Moreover, this training does not only apply to employees but also to you as business owners because it tackles environmental policies, human resource compliance training, and ways to protect your organization’s value and commitment to law. To add, it creates awareness to you as business owners how to maintain the reputation of your company and to be accountable in case any incident happens.

Take note that compliance training is also time sensitive. It is often needed to be accomplished within a set of time frame in order for the staff and organization to be in compliance.


2.       Customer Service Training – This is an essential part of every organization. Every business encounter customers especially if this is their source of revenue. Customer service training is a standard procedure that allows you to improve the quality of how you and the rest of your organization address and respond to the needs of your customers. It informs you how to manage different types of customers with etiquette and manners in order for them to continuously patronize your service or product. To add, this kind of activity allows you to build a strong and healthy relationship with your customers by engaging with them properly. Satisfied and delighted customers is the easiest way to retain customers and bring in new consumers who increase your sales.

However, there are times that you will encounter customers that are not as cooperative. Through this, you will learn how to protect yourself from anything that could damage the reputation of your employees, company, and even yourself. It includes strategizing plans on how to address any misfortunate situations that involves your organization and customer.

3.       Leadership Training – Being a leader does not only mean that you get to decide on everything. An effective leader requires character and skills that will bring your organization to the next level. As a business owner, you must project leadership in your workplace. Undergoing this training helps you to manage your business better by forming strategic plans that will help your operation and staff move coherently. It involves engaging activities that help you achieve outstanding business results and enhance the value of each person’s role.

Aside from these benefits, ultimately, being a leader spark inspiration to your staff and colleagues. You can do so by letting them know that you appreciate their contributions to the company. This will boost their confidence that will make way to be efficient in their daily tasks and perform like a leader as well.

4.       Communication and Negotiation Training – Communication means being able to convey a message the way you intended it to be understood. This is a skill that not everyone has but can be obtained through training and practice. Properly communicating to different people cannot be monotonous because there are various approaches to consider depending on your type of audience. Being eloquent and versatile allows you to penetrate your market in a deeper level. Through communication and negotiation training, you will learn how to address your target audience more effectively which eventually will lead you achieve business goals. Analyzing people through the language they use, how they project themselves, the way they dress are among the other things you will learn as you undergo this activity. You will also uncover the art of negotiation with clients. The ability of negotiating well is relevant to the way you communicate to your audience. Meaning, negotiating is a craft that involves seamlessly putting together words and efforts in order to achieve desired outcome.


5.       Financial Management Training – Managing your finances is a groundwork in operating a business. To optimize your earnings, you must be knowledgeable on how to properly manage and utilize your cash flow. This is what the training is for. It will cover ways to plan and improve your ability in maximizing limited monetary resources to increase income. Moreover, this teaches you to monitor your loss and profitability. This way you can control and protect your finances and calculate financial risks. Through this activity, you will be able to learn how to practice healthy financial habits which is critical in keeping your operation open and implementing business expansion. Good financial management also brings the opportunity to offer incentives and bonuses to your employees which increase employee retention.

6.       Project Management Training – Operating a business entails different kinds of projects to come in your way. This includes business operations, employee acquisition, business permits, and compliance to policies to name a few. With the help of project management training, you will build a systematic way of accomplishing tasks and meeting deadlines more efficiently. This way, you can maximize your time and focus on other things that need attention and improvement instead of wasting time on matters that can be addressed quickly. The training will also guide you how to properly delegate tasks to optimize time management and avoid wasting opportunities. Time is gold especially for business owners. Every second that passes by is critical because time is money.

These are only some of the trainings that you can undergo to further enhance your business and personal skills. There are multiple organizations offering this kind of service for free. For some, paid trainings teach advanced lessons for people who have already acquired solid entrepreneurial background.

Do not be afraid to take on new challenges in both business and personal life as these trainings are here to back you up with whatever that is ahead of you.