10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach Now

I cannot stress enough how rewarding running a business is. It is a profession that generates thousands of opportunities that allow your business to grow and prosper. It opens up  a new world that will show you that being an entrepreneur enables you to see and achieve the potential unlimited income that can come even if you are deeply asleep. Your business will be a tool for you to bring to light new dreams and goals that will motivate you to push yourself each time you feel being stagnant. Aside from that, it makes you appreciate the things that are more important than the green bills you get at the end of the day.

Of course, business management entails you to grow as a person. Aside from the monetary amount that you can earn, you will also develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as business owners. It sharpens the way you think and it molds a new version of yourself. It is an opening that leads you to unleash your full potential, the ones that you did not know was there, and it allows you to discover yourself. You will form your own network that is essential in sustaining your business. As you traverse the path of being an entrepreneur, you will uncover what you are really made of and how much you can do to make your dreams your reality.

With all these, you can harvest the fruits of your labor that resulted from all the hard work, sacrifices, effort, and dedication that you planted to make your business bloom and develop. Though it may produce all the wonderful things you can think of, it is a journey that will test you to the core and not everybody makes it to the finish line. It is in everyone’s knowledge that managing a business requires you to commit yourself. This means that you are prepared and willing to take the good and bad of undergoing entrepreneurship. And if you are ready to commit yourself, reserve yourself a tremendous amount of tenacity as you will be needing this in your business career.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 20% of small businesses fail during the first year; the crash will increase to 50% as they reach their 5th year. This data shows you that there is a fifty percent chance that you will not succeed in your business as you reach your 5th year and these numbers are not good.

On the brighter side, there is 50% chance that your business will outlive the 5 year mark and continuously succeed. With that being said, you will be needing all the help that you could get. However, you do not have the luxury to waste time so I highly suggest to only seek help from people who has legitimate entrepreneurial credentials and experience with the best reputation in business management. In Office Huddle, we are capable of producing such by providing our clients a business coach. A business coach will play a key role in making sure that you and your business are aligned. Your mentor will help you enhance your business management skills and the other non technical aspects of running a business. All of these learnings are custom fit for you and your business so it is not something that you can get from an online video with generic key points. To learn more about the role of a business coach and why you need it check this article I prepared for you - What is a Business Coach and Why You Really Need It.

I have managed to compose 10 reasons why you need to hire a business coach who is articulate to share his/her expertise in business, guide you in every step of your entrepreneurial journey and provide you the pointers that are more personalized for you and your business. Do not confuse this with consultants because the intention of business consultants is to provide advises and guidance in a specific area of your business such as operations, finance, marketing, etc. On the other hand, a business coach is an expert in making sure that the business owner’s values and vision are aligned with the path and projection of the business itself which is critical in the success of your business. Furthermore, part of their priority is to ensure that you as entrepreneurs are growing together with your business.

Read further below if you are ready to know how a business coach can increase the success rate of your business.

1.        We will help you find your purpose – It is essential in any activity to be able to get a hold of your purpose – why are you doing such? Why are you putting great amount of energy and time in managing this business? It can be difficult to find your true purpose, why you are entering a business venture, and you will not last long in this career path if you do not obtain one. It slows you down, makes you doubt, it keeps you from achieving your goals. Through our business coach, you will be able to identify your true purpose and find meaning to all the efforts and sacrifices you are putting in. You will find the true objectives of why you are engaging yourself in such activity. You receive proper guidance on how you will determine your personal reasons why you are in this profession and avoid getting answers like “to gain income”. This is not a purpose, this is a result.  As your business coach directs you to your true purpose, it increases your stamina and you generate the right drive to continue what you do. In the realm of business, you will be needing a lot of this.

2.       We will keep you focused – By now, you may have already realized the weight and responsibilities of managing a business. It is inevitable to encounter bumps and rough roads along your way. And there will be moments that you will be distracted away from your goals and definitely there will be times that you will experience exhaustion and loss of determination to continue. Our key role is to keep your head in the game and be reminded to stay on track. Of course, you can get this somewhere else but having a business coach gives you a different impact and focus as we have direct experience and better knowledge about this path. The right mentor for you knows effective practices on how to heighten your perseverance and power in order to propel you towards business success.

3.       We will train you to be accountable – Managing a business involves a lot of decisions and actions to make and as a business owner, you are held accountable for all the matters that is going on within your premise. The way your business operates, how your employees function, and the percentage of attaining you goals all depend on you who should be on top of everything. As your business coach, we will furnish you personalized trainings on how you can practice being accountable. Meaning, with the help of our expertise, you will learn the importance of accountability and how it immensely increases the performance of your whole organization. This is a vital aspect in business success because without accountability, there is a chance that you settle in mediocrity which is the adverse to our goal. 

4.       We will build a roadmap – Together, we will build a roadmap which is a plan that will serve as a guide towards achieving the best business management habits. It is a strategic device that prepares you on what is ahead of your business journey. Through our expertise in the business, we are capable of providing techniques on how to manage crisis and unexpected events that are custom made for your business. It is unavoidable to encounter circumstances that are not part of this roadmap but with our competence and skill, we have the knowledge that we can share with you to drive such events to your advantage.

5.       We can provide direct answers – With the continuous rise of technology and the number of people engaging in business, you can now easily get answers about the how to’s and what not’s of business management. These may provide helpful insights that may help you in addressing your business problems. However, it does not directly give a solid solution for your concern. Every business is unique. Thus, by hiring a business coach, you can achieve concrete solutions to resolve your business issues faster. To add, we are disseminating accurate information real time as we have real experiences gained by real entrepreneurs. Through our recommendations, you can save the trouble of experiencing a hit or miss solution which leads to wastage of time and resources.   

6.       We will develop your soft skills – Developing your soft skills is one of our main roles as a business coach. Your progress in this business aspect measures our success rate as your mentor. With the 30 years of experience in making businesses grow, we have engineered various methods that will train you to boost your intrapersonal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, and a lot more that is not about the technicalities of business. We will enhance your soft skills depending on your level and the structure of your business. Trainings like these are critical because it heavily relies here your development of you as business owner and your business itself.

7.       We will increase your success rate – It takes several experiences and learning curves in making a business successful. It demands a long period of time to formulate effective methods in attaining business success. Fortunately, you do not have to undergo such much agony and struggles as we are here to help. As your business coach, we are responsible for ensuring that you will gain the strategies necessary and the right mindset to achieve better business management. By combining all the techniques we have mastered throughout our in-depth experiences, you can secure to receive an increase on your success rate.

8.       We will keep you up – As time goes by, businesses continuously undergo different situations that require different solutions. The fundamentals and basic principles of managing a business are always powerful tools in building your business. However, you also have to take a look at the newly developed business models that will help your business grow. With our expertise in proven business framework and newly applied methods, we are sure that we are certain that we will only recommend the optimized solutions and approaches that best fits your business concerns.

9.       You can balance work and life – It takes a village to manage a business and make it successful. You will need all the help that you can get – of course only from those who has the skill and experience. Aside from that, you need the right kind of balance between work and personal life so you can keep yourself healthy and give your utmost performance. With our proper guidance, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you have someone who helps you with your time management and priorities. You can make time for other activities, spend time with your loved ones, and most specially to give yourself a pat on the back for all the achievements you have done.

10.   You will receive awareness – There will be a lot of instances that you will be pre-occupied by the tasks you have to accomplish and you will learn how to give attention to the smallest details in your business. This may cause you to be stuck. We do not want that as we want you to keep on going forward. Together, working hand in hand, we have the power to make you look at the bigger picture of your problems and resolve each one efficiently.

These are only a few of the powerful guidance that you can receive when you hire an experienced, trust worthy, and knowledgeable business coach. By seeking help from our team, you can only expect higher rate of business success and best business management techniques.